Calzificio Bonadei

Bonadei stocking factory has been in business for three generations and improving its production while at the same time being faithful to its artisan origins.
The factory takes care of the whole production cycle, costantly seeking excellent quality and guaranteeing its customers reliability due to the years of experience in this field.
The factory represents “Made in Italy” all over the world with great prestige. It always pays attention to the market trends and offers products that are an expression of Italian elegance.

We joined TFASHION: now our products have a Passport
Our company adheres to TFashion, the system of product traceability of the Italian Chambers of Commerce.
Through the path of tracing, we can tell the story of our products.
We intend to promote transparency and public awareness of the product cycle, providing a label that contains all the information about production processes and place of origins.
This is a first step to affirm in Italy and throughout the world the strength and uniqueness of our products.
We joined to TFashion, to demonstrate respect for consumers who, through purchasing, decide to trust our company and our work and have the full right to know the whole story of the product they purchased.
We believe that an external certification of the production process and of the origin of the product is a guarantee for the Italian market and for dealing with international markets that are becoming increasingly quality-conscious of authentic products.
Our company believes that quality and transparency is a value and you show it by joining the TFASHION tracing project.
Learn more about the project and about our label TFashion on: