The range of products includes socks for men and women in cotton, cotton lisle, unshrinkable wool, cashmere and fine silk produced with mono and double cylinder machines; all items are elasticized to allow for the possibility of having one size for all.
Apart from the classic line of socks the Bonadei stocking factory specializes in patterned socks, having the availability of an internal design studio in collaboration with external designers.
Thanks to the flexibility of its production and it desire to comply with its customers’ requirements makes the Bonadei stocking factory an excellent partner for those people who wish to personalise their own lines with “Private labels”.
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Style Department

According to the customer’s instructions, which can also view our sample book (more than 1800 men’s items and more than 1200 women’s articles), the Internal Style Department elaborates stylistic proposals with realistic 2D and 3D renderings.
Among the different phases are the verification of the technical feasibility, the creation of patterns and technical drawings for the Machinery Department, the variant according to the color charts of the chosen yarns.

Raw material

The supply of raw materials takes place through orders to secure and reliable external suppliers able to guarantee high quality and fast deliveries.
In order to further reduce the times, we have created over time an internal warehouse of frequently used yarns.

Machinery Department

The Textile Programming Department is in charge of following the indications of the Style Department to realize the physical prototypes.
In the event of any production orders, the Production Manager coordinates workers and mechanics to ensure compliance with the expected delivery dates.

Quality Check 1

A first and important quality control is performed during the production phase: at the exit from the machine all the single socks are viewed and any defects determine the waste.

Hand linking

For some of our items, hand linking is performed, which is done manually with a linking machine: it consists of joining the ranks of the toe exactly with those of the foot, making the stitching as thin as possible.
Hand linking is typical of superior quality socks and creates less hassles in rubbing the foot in the shoe.


During the packaging phase, the socks, after any washing phase, are ironed and laid down in order on appropriate boards, ready for the pairing.


The operator of the pairing machine places the individual socks on the conveyor belt, where they are automatically matched according to the length (the length of the socks may differ by a few millimeters).

Quality Check 2

During the pairing phase, the second quality control takes place, where any threads are cut and the defective socks are discarded.


On request the socks can be stamped (the decal can be delible or indelible) and the tissue can be inserted.


Further operations of the packaging phase are the labeling (stitching of the cardboard labels), the folding of the pair of socks and the insertion of a hanger.


The cycle closes with the canning of the items, according to the customer’s needs, in boxes and cartons of cardboard in standard sizes.
For specific packaging needs, the internal graphic office is available for possible design support (the supply of special packaging material can be done through our suppliers).